Meet the Staff of Goodfella's Motor Company

Tara Doyle-Enneking - General Manager/Finance Director

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Tara started with the Company nearly 13 years ago. She performed roles in Sales, Office Management, Title Work and Finance. She helped grow the business from 2 Employees at the Fife Store to moving, expanding and adding additional Tacoma and Lakewood Locations and 16 Employees. She established the Goodfella's Finance Department and has cultivated many of our Vendors, Lenders and Long Term Customers Relationships. She has her B.A. from University of Washington and M.A. from Pacific Luthern University. Tara is keen on the notion that "The Car Buying Experience" at Goodfella's is unique from other Dealers. We are A-Typical Car People that enjoy what we do with a refreshing approach that earns us repeat and referral business/friends every day. "You won't find Slick, Shark Salesman circling the grounds for their next prey at Goodfella's Motor Company. We are approachable Professionals with goals of making the car buying experience fun and educational. We clearly understand that our customers have many options and that's why we put our best foot forward with our pricing on the internet and in-person when you meet us. I am not the faceless, nameless Manager that hides in the back with the big black marker crossing out numbers and perpetuating the SALES GAME.-- I am interested in being involved from greeting, securing financing to working closely on a deal that both you and our business can be happy with. I am proud to work at this First Class Establishment where we conduct business the right way--by earning it!"

Jeff Glazebrook - Inventory Manager/Sales

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Jeff was formerly a UPS Driver that made a shift in careers due to being such an Avid Car Enthusiast and has now been in the Automotive Industry for 10 years (6 years with Goodfella's). Prior to joining the Goodfella's Family he operated his own business brokering High-End Luxury Vehicles to the retail and wholesale markets. Jeff is able to handle all aspects of day to day operations for the dealership. He works closely with all departments to ensure we are selling a quality product. He has worked hard to cultivate trusted Vendor relationships that offer us superior service at the best price so that we can extend the savings on our vehicles to our customers. Jeff is a great point of contact if you are looking for a "specific" car. He will work with our Finance Department to obtain a Pre-Approval for you and then locate and purchase the car of your dreams from markets in California to Washington. His product knowledge is extensive and he can help you make the best choice on vehicles best suited for your needs. He is a life long soccer player and enjoys playing Goalie for the "Goodfella's FC" Team.

Michele Stanley - Title Clerk/CCF Manager

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Michele is literally part of the Goodfella's Family with her son, Kyle recently marrying into the Enneking Family. Michele has a background in banking and finance and raising her two adult kids, a son that is a PGA Tour Player and a daughter that is in her last year of Medical Residency. Michele is diligent, organized and sweet as pie. She likes pie too (and basically all sweets), not that you would know it because she is an avid runner and lover of nature and being outdoors. You will find that she has a lovely disposition and is a wonderful addition to both our dealership on the vehicle titling side and Cascade Consumer Finance managing our In-House finance company.


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Steve was born and raised in Tacoma and was a Mt. Tahoma graduate, just around the corner! Steve has been in the automotive and motorcycle industry for 26 years. On his off time he enjoys R & R at his property on the Cowlitz River. He has a passion for bikes, cars and boats. As a Manager he strives for simplistic solutions and is a great sales coach for our team! Steve has a contagious positive attitude and our customers appreciate how hard he works to achieve the best deal for everyone. A few challenges that Steve has working here at Goodfella's---(1) He is trying to kick his diet coke habit (2). He is passionately embracing high-tech!

Chelsea Bidwell - Sales

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Chelsea is a recent CWU College of Business graduate who never had time to deal with sleazy salesmen or junk products. She figured there were plenty of other people who felt the same way, which is what led her to start selling cars in the first place. She LOVES being able to help the people who come in to Goodfella's and is very proud of the great image and impact the business has in her hometown. Chelsea is a superhero in her own head and enjoys playing boardgames and reading whatever books and comics she can get her hands on. She's half of the Goodfella's Dynamic Duo with two sidekicks (a 4 year old Border Collie mix and a 1 year old German Shepard mix) stationed at their home base.

Shannon Parrett - Sales/Finance

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My name is Shannon I work in Sales and Finance.  Great customer service, if you looking for outstanding service and quality look no further than us here at GoodFellas Motor Co. Call or text me anytime.

"Senior Juan Felipe Gino Bean" - Staff

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"Gino" was born in San Felipe, Mexico. Spanish is his first language which makes him a valuable asset with our Spanish speaking clientele. When he's not busy working with customers, he performs the job of paper weight on Tara's desk quite well. He's tiny but mighty---"Gino" is adorable and has a Metro-Fashion style with "Bling". His two favorite regulars are "Jon" from Total Performance and "Steve", the Wholesaler that comes bearing treats! He loves to travel and knows that if he works hard day to day, a vacation is just around the corner for him!

Angelina Enneking - Security Supervisor

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Angelina takes her job seriously. She has been with Goodfella's since she turned 5 months old and learned from the best, with big Paws to fill from her predecessor, "Abbey". She will be 7 years old on 3/3/12. She may look intimidating, but that's just for show ensuring that Goodfella's does not fall prey to Customer Fraud or Property Crime. She is a sweetheart, that will say hi in her special way to everyone. She is extremely obedient and intuitive knowing when to stay out of the way and when "it's showtime"! When she's not keeping things in order at Goodfella's, she loves swimming, chasing balls and staring at her 'Pa". Fitness is important to her and she keeps a rigorous training schedule. Angelina would be a perfect Poster Child for Pitbull Advocacy and may be modelling soon!

Dora Enneking - Greeter

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"Dora" is a gem. We believe that our look and style at Goodfella's is important. Our A-typical approach is met with positive feedback on a daily basis. There is nobody better at exemplifying the Beauty, the Quality and Friendliness of our nature here at Goodfella's than Dora. She is an excellent greeter welcoming and breaking the ice with even the most suspiscious and reserved of customers. Just like we strive to keep our vehicles looking stylish and top-notch, Dora too, believes that presentation must be impeccable and that first impressions matter. She has collar changes nearly every week staying ahead of the curve on fashion and style. She will go home with anyone but prides herself as a T-Town girl with a Parisian L'aissez-faire heart!

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